Our Story, Our Sauces

Made locally in Southern California, Ilvento’s Sauces use all natural ingredients and no preservatives. It all started in 1933 at the repeal of prohibition when Joe Ilvento, an immigrant from Grassano, Italy, opened Ilvento’s Restaurant in Jersey City.  Joe’s son, Pete became well known for his wonderful tomato sauces.  Now, Pete’s son and granddaughters, Joe and Juliana, Christina and Luisa continue the Ilvento’s tradition by doing a small batch production of these classic southern Italian style sauces. Our sauce is hand made, slow cooked, hand bottled and hand labeled, assuring the highest standards. 80 years of Sunday dinners later, these recipes are still "Proprio Italiano" ("Truly Italian") and we hope you enjoy some with fresh pasta, on homemade pizza, or with just about anything! ​

Our Sugo Marinara is our original flavor and is a mild and sweet sauce with a wonderful balance of garlic and basil. Lot's of our customers have told us that this is the ONLY way they can get their kids to eat vegetables!

The Arrabbiata is our spiciest offering- with a bold mix of garden vegetables, dried aromatic herbs, and a healthy dose of spice, this sauce is a great compliment to seafood, sausages, or pasta. 

Our Mushroom Boscaiolo, named for the woodsmen of the Chianti region of Italy, is our second spiciest offering but is balanced to please all palates. Especially popular with our vegan friends, this sauce features sliced whole mushrooms (not stems and pieces like other brands) and will make a filling yet healthy addition to any dish!
Sunday dinner with Pete, Baba and the whole family!

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Ilvento's Proprio Italiano sauces are available at Baia Pasta, Montecito Village Grocery, Lazy Acres Santa Barbara and Long Beach stores, Pierre Lafond, Forager's Pantry, Isabella Gourmet Foods, Tino’s Italian Grocery, Goodland Kitchen, WeOlive Ventura and Paso Robles, the Santa Barbara Company, Farmstead Gaviota, Milk and Eggs Los Angeles and other fine retailers in California.

You can also order our sauces online from Amazon. If your order arrived damaged or broken, please send us a photo by email so we can replace it.
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